Shelf Made from Old Ceiling Tiles

About 6 months ago I bought these old ceiling tiles from a guy that had torn them down from a restaurant in Scottsdale.  
They are wood, and I thought I could use them for something.  Plus, if I bought 10 or more the guy would sell them for half off!  So of course I had to buy 10!
 I tried decorating with them, but they never seemed to look good.  So they have sat in my garage for the 6 months that I've had them!

But the other day I FINALLY came up with something!  I decided to make a shelf using 3 of them.
I first cut a portion of them off to make them less "square"
 Then, at Home Depot I picked up some wood and cute trim.  
 I drilled the wood to the tiles at the top:
 Then I added the molding right below the "shelf" part.  I also found these cute wooden shelf brackets at DI for $3! (I actually think they are for a screen door, but hey, they worked!)

Because I wanted my shelf to have a white distressed look, I first spray painted the whole thing black.
 When it was dry, I put vaseline on the edges, and the places I wanted to be distressed.  Then I finished with a white top coat.
Finally, I sanded her down and added cute coat hooks!
 Isn't she pretty?!!!
I hung her in my entry way, which was in desperate need of something fun!

I had some leftover trim, so I also decided to whip up this little sign to hang from my new shelf!
 I love, love, love it!  What do you all think?!


Master Bathroom Makeover: Part 1

Well, my younger sister is gone to Michigan so hopefully I'll be back to posting regularly!!! 

But I am so excited to show you this bathroom makeover!  This is my sister's master bathroom that we fixed up while I was there in Texas!
This is my favorite room that we did!  I think it turned out GORGEOUS!  We did so much to it though, so I'm going to split it into two posts.
For this one I'm going to show you what we did to the cabinets and the mirrors!

Here is her bathroom Before:

My sister wanted her bathroom to be black/white/grayish with red accents.  
She also wanted a Paris theme.

So we started by painting the cabinets black, and distressing them:

We also painted and distressed her existing light fixtures because they had nice details, and I knew they would look awesome with a little bit of paint! haha!

 Ok, now this is my FAVORITE part!!!  
Look at these fancy mirrors! Aren't they amazing?!  The Lowe's in my sister's town carried this awesome trim.  It is actually crown molding, but it is made of a dense styrafoam!  It was perfect for this project because it is lightweight!
We glued it directly onto her builder grade mirrors with silicone adhesive. 
 So we first cut it to length, then painted it the same black as the cabinets:
After it was glued onto the mirror we caulked the seams and touched up the paint

Seriously, what a difference!  I love how it made the bathroom feel so elegant!!  Do you want to know how much it cost to frame these two mirrors? (which are huge, by the way!)
We could have never replaced those mirrors for that price!  Love it!

 For Part II of this Master Bathroom Makeover I'll show you what we did to the tub...and a few other amazing little projects!!


A Little Bit of Blog Neglect...and a Halloween Craft!

I have been a blog neglector!
There is a story behind this, its full of excuses, but I'll tell it anyways!
Last week was October Break for my kids, and we had been planning a big trip to Oceanside with the Taylor side of the family for over a year.  Well, the week before was craziness, so I didn't have time to write a bunch of posts before we left.  I did, however, have time to organize my photos and put them on a thumb drive so I could post while chilling on the beach.  Um, yeah....the thumb drive didn't make it to the beach!  Of course I forgot it!!  I was bummed for about a minute, then decided not to worry about it, and to just enjoy my time with my family.  So that's exactly what I did!!!

We played by the beach:

We panned for some gold, and rode a covered wagon at the 
Mormon Battallion Memorial Site:

We got our fill of Legoland:

 And I even managed to do a little shopping!  First at this gem of a store:
Architectural Salvage in San Diego
This little store is a MUST if you are ever in the area!  It is full of so many fun treasures!

Then on our way home we stopped at the Kobey's Swap Meet, where I found some items that will keep me busy for a while!

I really think I needed this time to relax and be with my family and not worry about anything.  But I'm still struggling to get back into the swing of things.  Remember when I said the week before we left was crazy?!  It was crazy because I was watching my sister's 3 kids, one of which is the same age as my baby!  I love her kids, the hard part is that they are moving to Michigan on Saturday!  My only other sister is leaving me, and I start to cry every time I think about it.   So I'm trying not to, but as Saturday gets closer, it seems to be the only thing I can think about!

Well, thats the end of my story!  But since this is supposed to be a DIY/Home Decor/Craft blog, here is a little project I whipped up for Halloween.
I made this little Spooky sign the same way I made my Family sign (full post and tutorial here)
I am not a huge fan of Halloween, and I'm always thrilled when its over and can put away what little decorations I actually put out!  (My poor kids, haha!) But this is my buffet all ready for 


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