Thrifty Thursday: Salt 'n' Pepper Shakers and a Pretty Lamp

Happy Thursday!  
My boys started all of their summer activities this week and for some reason I am exhausted!  They are the ones running around and swimming all day......I'm just the taxi!  But somehow they want to go till midnight, and by 8:00 I am done!  Funny how that is!

But I did manage to get to ONE thrift store this week, and it was GOOD!
Another funny this is the Thrift Store!  I have been searching for a fun set of wooden Salt/Pepper shakers and have had no luck!  But don't worry, this week I found 3 sets....yeah 3! 
At the same Goodwill, on the same day! Isn't that kinda funny?!
Here they are all prettied up:
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all 3 sets, 
I am the most excited about these tall ones:

 I used acrylic paint on all 3, but I only used polycrylic on the 2 blue sets.  

On the green set I really liked the matte look so I did without the poly.

 The 2 short sets cost $4 each
Tall set: $6

 I also scored this FABULOUS antique lamp!  Isn't she gorgeous?!  I love her so much because she is peach, which is one of the colors in my piano room!  She came at a price of $7.00!
The shade came from my garage...one that has been unused for quite some time, 
but it worked nicely with her! 

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  1. Love your finds...especially the pepper mills.

    1. Thanks so much Judye! Hope you are doing well!

  2. Those salt and pepper shakers are so pretty!

  3. love the salt and pepper shakers! I've had similar feast or famine luck when it comes to finding them at thrift stores--I wonder why?!

    1. Thanks! Yeah me too....but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that runs into that! lol


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