Embellishing Boring Baskets

I've been trying to spruce up my little mudroom.  It's far from done, but this weekend I got around to  my baskets.  They definitely needed something!
Here they are before looking SO boring!

 I bought them a few months ago from Garden Ridge

Here they are NOW!  This project took me about 15 minutes...oh yeah!

I got these little things at Hobby Lobby.  I wasn't sure which one I wanted to use, but I ended up going with the white ones.  They were $2.49 each (pack of 4)

I had this set of fabric paint and stamps, so I pulled that out to use:

These work just like stamps, so quick and easy.  

Once I had stamped my labels, I got some blue burlap and twine.  I folded the blue burlap in half, then tied the burlap over it.  
Confession:  I didn't even wrap the entire basket with the burlap!  I'm too cheap, and because these baskets are mainly for looks (nonfunctional), I figured the back wouldn't be seen, so it cuts off on the sides of the basket.  The twine still holds it in place just fine! 

I chose to attach my labels with wire.  I used my tiny hole punch, then strung the wire through:

I looped the wire around the twine knot, twisted it like a "twistie tie" and tucked it under

And there you have it!  

 Not nearly as boring, right?!

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Thrifty Thursday: Bread Box

This week was not very fruitful for me in the way of decor/furniture.  Although I did score 2 awesome Hurley swimsuits-one for each of my big boys!  Nice!

The one find I was totally excited about was my new bread box! 
(Here he is AFTER, of course!)

Last week I was SO inspired by Chelsea's bread box at Making Home Base, that I was pretty much in shock when I saw them....yes them!  There were 2 boxes.  The only difference was the painting on the front.

I went with the cows!

I painted him with a frenchy blue acrylic paint, then sanded and stained her with 
Martha Stewart's Metallic Glaze
The letters were added with my trusty transfer method found 
I switched out the wooden knob for a cute one from Hobby Lobby!

He is very happy in his new home on my kitchen counter!
 Thrift Store box: $4.00
Hobby Lobby knob: $2.00
Total cost for this guy: $6.00!!!!! Oh yeah!


Pre-Blog Projects

 I was going through some of my old photos last night and came across a few with furniture pieces from before I refinished them!  Oh, the memories it brought back.  So I thought it would be fun to tell you a little about them: 

 If you've looked at my "Things I've Painted" page, you will recognize both of these pieces!

TV Console NOW

We bought this piece from a unique furniture store in Gilbert, AZ called The Potato Barn.  I had it almost 7 years before I refinished it.
And that adorable face is my middle boy Barrett :)

When refinishing this piece, I left the top alone, and painted the bottom with a creamy white (not sure the color.....remember this is Pre-Blog!).  I glazed it with an antiquing glaze, but used a DRY cloth instead of a damp cloth to give it a heavier antique look

Ok, moving on!

Bench NOW:

 I love this bench!  When I was growing up this bench was in the waiting room at my Dad's office.  When I was a senior in High School, my Dad went to work for a company and moved out of the office.  I begged him to let me keep the bench!  He so lovingly did, and even stored it for me while I went off to college!  So I have had this bench for a loooong time!
Sitting on it in this picture is my oldest son Talmage (it was his 5th birthday)

 I used the exact same technique for this bench as I did for the TV console:

So now you know the history behind these two pieces that you've
 seen throughout my blog!


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Burlap Flower Tutorial

Lately at Hobby Lobby I've been seeing some adorable burlap flowers.  I really like the look of them, but I am too cheap! Even on sale the price makes me cringe!!!
It took me a few weeks, and multiple times to Hobby Lobby, before it dawned on me that I have been making fabric flowers for as long as I can remember!!! Silly Me!

So I bought some burlap and went to work!  
These are the simplest flowers to make.  I have made so many before using fabric, for things like headbands and dress embellishments. 

 There are 2 different flowers that I'll show you

Here's what you need:
glue gun

Flower #1
1.  With your burlap, cut out 4 large circles, however large you want your flower to be.
2.  Cut out 4 smaller circles
3. Cut your base circle with your felt 

4.  Take a circle and fold it in half

5.  Then fold in half again, and staple the tip, so it looks like this:

Do this to all 8 circles:

6.  Take the 4 Large circles and hot glue them to the base:

7.  Take the 4 Small circles and glue them on top of the larger ones:

8.  Glue on your center!  I like to use twine, but you can use anything you want 
(button, jewel, whatever!)
I roll my twine like this, and just make sure to tuck the end under before I glue it in the center

That's Flower #1! 

Flower #2
1.  Cut a long, thin strip of burlap
(Also cut a base circle with your felt, just like the previous flower) 

2.  Twist the burlap strip so it looks like this:

3. While holding one end, twist it into a tight circle, and continue to do so until all the burlap is used:

4.  Tuck in the loose end and glue it to the base piece:

And there's Flower #2!

Ok, next I'll show you how I finished them.  I used the same method for both flowers: 
For some reason I always keep the stems of flowers that I've removed.  So I dug those out!  

I poked a hole through the felt, then added some glue, and stuck in the stem

For the leaves, I just cut a small strip of green burlap, like this:

 And tied it around the stem:

Here are a few I made:
I stuck these ones in a mason jar (a blue vintage one), and tied green burlap around it.  I also added a few non-burlap flowers to give the bouquet more variety in texture

I placed it on one of my thrift store serving trays, and put it on top the little hutch in my kitchen!
I'm really liking it....What do you think?!

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