Master Bathroom Makeover: Part 2

Do you remember this?
I know its been ages, I posted Part 1 back in October, but I'm finally going to show you what we did to the rest of my sister's Master Bathroom!

Ok, first off, this is her tiny (and I mean, tiny!) toilet closet.  
Before & After:

(I painted the cabinets in here the same time I did all the others)
We put in a half plank wall first using what's called hardboard.  It comes in big sheets at Home Depot, and we had them cut the strips for us, about 4in wide.  Then we glued them on using liquid nails, and topped it with a small pice of trim.  Then we painted it white, and chose the same gray for the rest of the walls.
I love this look! 

Next we tackled the bathtub!
 We thought it would be really fun to do a beadboard surround above the tub, 
 and put it directly onto the outside of the tub too!  My sister was a little hesistant, but I convinced her and she loved it!
The only thing we did different with this part was that instead of using liquid nails (along with regular nails), we attached it with silicone adhesive.  (Same adhesive that we used for framing the mirrors)
I hated her towel rod too, so we found an old shelf for $12, fixed it up, and replaced the rod
(this is the shelf before we "fixed" it!)
Pretty, huh?!

 We finished off the bathroom makeover by replacing her old light fixture with a crystal chandelier (fake, of course) and adding some of my sister's personal touches!  
I really wish this was MY bathroom!  I think it is just beautiful!!
What do you think?!


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