A Small Update in the Kitchen

 This is my sister's kitchen.  It is a lovely kitchen, so we didn't have to do much in here.  

But do you see her poor island?!!  

Those noodles had to go!!!  
For one, they were not my sister's style, and second, they even opened to allow her two year old to scatter them throughout her house!  
We decided to remove the noodle cabinet faces, replace the glass with beadboard, then paint the island white.  We thought this would also brighten up the kitchen a bit since it doesn't get much natural light.

So we started by having Blane (my sister's awesome hubs) knock out the glass from the cabinet face.  We then attached beadboard in its place with liquid nails.  We also glued the cabinet face to the island so it would no longer open/close, then caulked the edges.

 When the noodles were taken care of, we started painting.  Instead of sanding we started with a coat of Cover Stain and then finished with a white semi-gloss.  
 Doesn't it look amazing?!  Just one little update in this kitchen made a HUGE difference. And it definitely made the room feel brighter!

My sister also wanted me to decorate above her cabinets, so I had lots of fun doing that!
 I tried to use some of what she already had, but we incorporated some fun pieces we found at her local antique mall and thrift store

Here is her kitchen all finished!  

 I think it turned out beautiful!!!



Thrifty Thursday: Large DIY Pallet Frames

I am STILL plugging away at my boys' two bedrooms!  I am so close!!  This week I made 2 large pallet frames, one for each of them.
I'll show you the one for the Star Wars room first:

I found this awesome canvas print on Amazon for only $12!  It is huge, and I thought a thick pallet frame would look really good with it.
So for this one, I measured my pallet wood, cut it at the 45 angle on my chop saw, and then used these 
L brackets from Home Depot:
 I painted the frame black, then stapled the canvas to the back of the pallet frame:
 I love how this looks, and how big it is...and for only about $15!!

Ok,  here is the next one I did, for my other son's room.  His room is "music" but I've tried mixing that with an industrial vibe.
I found these tin letters at Hobby Lobby, and thought they would go really well in his room.
For this pallet frame I didn't want mitered corners, so I left them straight, and then stained the wood darker.

 Next I attached chicken wire to the back of the frame.  I should have used staples again, but I used nails...not sure why! lol

Then I hung his tin letters onto the chicken wire, spelling out his name.  
This frame is really big too!
 Once it was all hung, I decided to added screws to the frame, where the pieces come together, just to give it some character
 Because I bought the letters on sale, this project cost me only $15 also!  
So for a total of $30, I was able to make 2 large art pieces for my boys' rooms!  
I love that... and my boys were thrilled when they came home to find them hanging in their rooms!!


Vintage Inspired Laundry Room

I am so in love with this laundry room!  
This is my sister's laundry room that we worked on while I was there.  
It is a pass-through laundry room, and this is how it looked before:

My sister really likes my laundry room, and wanted her blank wall to have a similar look to mine.  
Here is a picture of mine (full post here):
She was also dying to have a pallet sign like mine.  In fact, I was just going to bring her mine, but I couldn't get it to fit in my suitcase! 
But we started with the beadboard and trim.  We used actual beadboard on hers, not the wallpaper like on mine.
 Then, luckily we were able to get a pallet from a construction crew that was happy to get rid of it.  
So I made her a sign similar to mine:
 Next we added cute coat hooks from Hobby Lobby:

Then we decorated the other side of the room where she has a shelf and upper cabinets.  Before I got there my sister had found the blue sewing machine and iron, so we thought it would be fun to use those, and incorporate a few other vintage looking items! 

 Since I've been home I had started making small changes to MY laundry room to give it more of this look...that's how much I LOVE this laundry room!!!

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