Organizing my Accessories!

I FINALLY finished organizing my closet! Well.....for now anyways!

My biggest problem was my "accessories"! I've seen this idea all over Pinterest, and I actually had this board in our last house, which I used in my craft room.  But in this new house I didn't end up using it. So I figured I would give it a try for my jewelry.
At Home Depot you can find a variety pack of the hardware, which is what I used
The baskets I used for my headbands were the only things I had to buy separately for the board.
I painted my board (using Martha Stewart's Spanish Moss) because they are a dark, ugly brown!!

The thing I love most about this concept is that I can see everything that I have! So while I search through my clothes trying to find an outfit I can glance over at all my "accessories", and plan accordingly! Ha!

And here's the rest of my closet...not too exciting, but one thing I HATE is having my shoes on the floor! So I discovered these closet maid things at Walmart. How did I not know about these before?! But they definitely work for organizing shoes!
(They cost about $12...ouch! But worth it to me for certain things)
Does anyone have other fun closet organizing ideas?!

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