Dresser Make-Over

A few weeks ago my dear friend, Jamie, called me up and asked if I would help her paint a dresser she had.  Of course I was thrilled!  
But before we get into that I have to tell you about my friend.  I have only known her for a few years, but I love her so much!  She will always be dear to me...not only because she is just all around fabulous... but because she took care of my sweet husband when they were in Law School out in Kansas.  We weren't married then so my poor husband was single going through Law School!  Jamie was married to his best friend Johnny, and my hubs always tells me how he wouldn't have survived without them.  So when he and I started dating he introduced me to them.  And later, after we were married, he told me that he needed their approval of me!  Obviously I got it!  

So I will forever be grateful for Jamie!  She is the best!!!

Now on to the dresser!  Here is the before shot:  it was a pretty adorable dresser to begin with, but Jamie wanted it painted in a BOLD color to bring life into the room.

So together we went to Lowes and picked out this beautiful "mustard" color.  The actual name is Bungalow Gold by Valspar.  We used vaseline before we painted, then applied 3 coats of paint.  After we distressed it, we dabbed a bit of stain to the distressed edges to darken those spots.
Here is the AFTER:  

 And I love the mismatched crystal knobs!  Beautiful!

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