Pantry Door Make-Over

When I saw this blog post found here, I fell in love with the door and knew that I HAD to do that in our house.  So I finally got around to it!

Here is the result (once again, sorry I'm not a photographer!)

This is how I did it:

I didn't have a nice fancy door.  Mine was just a plain 2-panel door.  So the first thing I did was add wallpaper to the panels.  Yep, thats right.....WALLPAPER!!  I took a little trip to Lowes and grabbed some of that bead board wallpaper.  I followed the directions and it took about 20 minutes! I only did the front of the door.
The next day I took some black paint and went over the areas I knew I wanted to distress.  When that was dry, I took vaseline and rubbed it on the black paint.  Then I painted the entire door, front and back.  I waited another day to distress it because I wanted the paint to be good and dry!

  I was extremely careful when I was distressing on the wallpaper because I didn't want to scrape off the wallpaper.  When that was finished I took a brown glaze and rubbed the entire door with it.  I did a little bit at a time and wiped off each area with a wet cloth.

This is a picture from the inside of my pantry and the back side of the door.  Here you can see how it looks without the wallpaper and without the distressing because I did neither on this side.  All I did on this side was paint and glaze.

And here is the front after it was all done!

 My mom then fell in love with MY pantry door, so she asked me to do hers.  But because her and my dad are a little more conservative, they didn't want the wallpaper or heavy distressing.  So I just painted and glazed their door.  It looks amazing too!  And she got an added bonus:  I made her a pretty wreath to hang on it (since she had been wanting one of those too)!

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