Thrifty Thursday: Rocking Horse for Baby's First Birthday!

We celebrated my little guy's 1st Birthday yesterday!  We kept it low key and just partied with the family at Fuddruckers!  

Earlier this week, while we were shopping at Goodwill, my older boys spotted this little wooden rocking horse.  They begged me to get it for the baby for his birthday. 
I really didn't want to get him, but I have SUCH a hard time resisting all those blue pleading eyes staring at me!!!  

Luckily he was only $5, and I remembered to print my 20% off coupon! 

I used Valspar's Shiitake, and restained the seat in Minwax's Special Walnut

Then I sanded and glazed:
He is pretty cute, and all the boys have enjoyed playing with him....even my 8 year old!  
Funny how that is!


  1. this turned out beautifully!! You picked a great color, and I love the stained seat. Fun for the all family indeed

    1. Definitely fun for all, lol! Thanks so much Daniela!

  2. Now this turned out amazing!


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