Master Bathroom Makeover: Part 1

Well, my younger sister is gone to Michigan so hopefully I'll be back to posting regularly!!! 

But I am so excited to show you this bathroom makeover!  This is my sister's master bathroom that we fixed up while I was there in Texas!
This is my favorite room that we did!  I think it turned out GORGEOUS!  We did so much to it though, so I'm going to split it into two posts.
For this one I'm going to show you what we did to the cabinets and the mirrors!

Here is her bathroom Before:

My sister wanted her bathroom to be black/white/grayish with red accents.  
She also wanted a Paris theme.

So we started by painting the cabinets black, and distressing them:

We also painted and distressed her existing light fixtures because they had nice details, and I knew they would look awesome with a little bit of paint! haha!

 Ok, now this is my FAVORITE part!!!  
Look at these fancy mirrors! Aren't they amazing?!  The Lowe's in my sister's town carried this awesome trim.  It is actually crown molding, but it is made of a dense styrafoam!  It was perfect for this project because it is lightweight!
We glued it directly onto her builder grade mirrors with silicone adhesive. 
 So we first cut it to length, then painted it the same black as the cabinets:
After it was glued onto the mirror we caulked the seams and touched up the paint

Seriously, what a difference!  I love how it made the bathroom feel so elegant!!  Do you want to know how much it cost to frame these two mirrors? (which are huge, by the way!)
We could have never replaced those mirrors for that price!  Love it!

 For Part II of this Master Bathroom Makeover I'll show you what we did to the tub...and a few other amazing little projects!!


  1. This looks awesome! You really did a beautiful job (as usual)!

  2. Wowee Therena - what a difference!!! I just love what you did with her mirrors - stunning. Lov'n the black and white theme too. You are so talented!

  3. Amazing!! I love the use of black and the distressing is so nice. The mirrors are to die for :)

  4. Wow..
    Love how different it looks, I may have to look for some of that trim!

  5. WOW this is super gorgeous!!!!! Great job on the diy! We just found your blog thru the blog hop and followed u on bloglovin! We hope u will check out ours sometime too! :)


  6. That is quite a transformation! Love the distressed cabinets.

  7. Wow !! What an awesome job you have done in this bathroom. I have been thinking of painting my bathroom cabinets for years and this is really inspiring me to get started (after the kitchen is done of course)..... Candy

  8. This is FABULOUS!! So chic and upscale!

  9. Gorgeous....simply gorgeous! Love the classic black and white color scheme...it never goes out of style

  10. Your bathroom looks fab! What a difference little paint makes. Thanx for joining THT!

  11. Looks great! What a big difference with that mirror! I'm thinking of painting my bathroom cabinets black, too, so it's nice to see these turned out so well :)

  12. Looks awesome! I especially love the mirror.

  13. Awesome example of how simple changes can make such a difference! The room looks so chic now. Great job!

  14. What a gorgeous makeover! Love it distressed black. I'm featuring the bathroom in this week's Power of Paint Party.

  15. I love this makeover, Therena! I'm amazed at how much better the mirrors look now that they're framed! I need to do that in my master bathroom. Thanks for sharing this at Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

  16. seriously - that black is amazing! I never would've thought of it. Nicely done :)
    ♥ Jill

  17. I love this!! We want to redo our master bath, and I may have to borrow the mirror trim idea!!


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