Shelf Made from Old Ceiling Tiles

About 6 months ago I bought these old ceiling tiles from a guy that had torn them down from a restaurant in Scottsdale.  
They are wood, and I thought I could use them for something.  Plus, if I bought 10 or more the guy would sell them for half off!  So of course I had to buy 10!
 I tried decorating with them, but they never seemed to look good.  So they have sat in my garage for the 6 months that I've had them!

But the other day I FINALLY came up with something!  I decided to make a shelf using 3 of them.
I first cut a portion of them off to make them less "square"
 Then, at Home Depot I picked up some wood and cute trim.  
 I drilled the wood to the tiles at the top:
 Then I added the molding right below the "shelf" part.  I also found these cute wooden shelf brackets at DI for $3! (I actually think they are for a screen door, but hey, they worked!)

Because I wanted my shelf to have a white distressed look, I first spray painted the whole thing black.
 When it was dry, I put vaseline on the edges, and the places I wanted to be distressed.  Then I finished with a white top coat.
Finally, I sanded her down and added cute coat hooks!
 Isn't she pretty?!!!
I hung her in my entry way, which was in desperate need of something fun!

I had some leftover trim, so I also decided to whip up this little sign to hang from my new shelf!
 I love, love, love it!  What do you all think?!


  1. Love it. It has a Mediterranean look to it....

  2. The shelf turned out great!! I did not realize how big the tiles were until I saw the finished product hung on the wall. It looks fantastic, I mean really fantastic. The hooks are so functional but more important is the display area you gained/. Great Job!!

  3. Such a cute shelf! Those ceiling tiles were just right for this project!

  4. Very pretty. I turned out great!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  5. Wow, this is lovely. Is it always that tidy? I just imagine it in our house once everyone has dumped school bags, wet coats and bizarrely socks (go figure) all over it. I can look at your lovely photo and dream...

  6. Here from Wow Us Wednesdays and love all the detail on that shelf. Nice job!

  7. They look fantastic! I would have bought as many as I could afford...they are perfect. Never seen anything like those ceiling tiles and you made a great project out of them.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  8. It looks awesome. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great Job! Very pretty!
    Marie @ www.fortledbetter.com

  10. Love, love, love your shelf! What an awesome idea! I am a new follower...would love if you could follow back http://churchstreetdesigns.blogspot.com/

  11. Wow! Very clever idea. I love how it turned out.

  12. That's adorable! I love your creativity! Stopping by from SITS!

  13. I love this! Especially the sign! You are very talented. Do you show how to make the signs somewhere on your blog?

  14. I love this! So beautiful! I am so glad I found your blog - I just joined SITS and saw you right there on the front. You have wonderful talent! Looking forward to seeing more.

  15. LUV the shelf!! A chance you will make another with the leftover tiles and sell them? I'd be interested ;)


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