Laundry Room Fix

When we moved, the laundry room became the dumping ground for leftover decor that I either didn't care for anymore, couldn't find a spot for, or something that came with the hubs that I felt obligated to keep.  

After a while I got over the feelings of obligation, and starting the decorating process for my laundry room.  

This is what it looked like for FAR too long:

 I did manage to paint the walls prior to move-in, but my choice was NOT good!  I thought an accent color might be nice on the plain wall.  I was going for a grayish color, but it turned out more purple than anything!  
FYI when picking paint colors:  ALWAYS choose a paint color from the Neutral categories!  

Here is my NEW Laundry Room:

There are still some things I did not change.  But the biggest thing was the wall on the left.  I HATED it.  So here's what I did:

I repainted.  All one color.  No accent wall like I tried before!  I used Valspar's Jekyl Grand Dining Sea Mist (one of my FAV's)
I went to Lowe's and got a few supplies.  I love the look of bead board, but it is not easy and not cheap.  So I opted for the bead board wallpaper.  I am a big fan!  It is SO easy!  When I finished the wallpaper I added some flat trim above it.  I used liquid nails to glue it down, but I also used actual nails for added support.  Then I painted with a semi-gloss white, and added hooks directly onto the trim.  

Be careful on this part!!!  Drill holes into the trim before you screw the hooks on!  If you don't you will  tear the trim off the wall!! And, yes, I learned this the hard way!
 I wanted to keep it simple, so I made a pallet sign to fit the space above.  I saw this saying on pinterest one day and thought it was hilarious because in our house full of boys....its SO true!

(I will tell you more about my pallet sign in a later post!)

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