Thrifty Thursday: Love it Like it IS

Today for Thrifty Thursday I'm going to show you some things around my house that I purchased from a Thrift Store, but didn't CHANGE.  Thats right, I brought them home, wiped them down (cause ya never know!), and used them!! No painting, sanding, changing in any way!So here goes:

First of all, Vases/Glassware/(whatever its called!).  They are all over Thrift Stores, and can easily be turned into cute decor:

Plain white vase: $1.00

This was a cute little pitcher I bought because the blue accent matched! $3.00

Another plain white vase: $3.00

Mini blue vase: $1.00

This little green pot was actually a candle: $2.00

OK, the next few things are just random finds.  But let me tell you, I have NEVER left the thrift store empty handed.  There are ALWAYS random finds!

This is actually a shelf!  I just turned it upside down and put flowers in it: $5.00
 Here it is above my TV

Blue tin basket: $3.00 (isn't it so cute on my ladder shelf right below my pitcher?! :))

Of course there's always little antiques you can find like these old mason jar mugs: $1.00 each

Metal basket thing?: $2.00                                                Little white lantern: $2.00

Here is a pic of the basket, lantern and bucket:
old metal bucket: $1.00

Another tin bucket for my porch: $2.00

Normally I have to paint frames I find, but this one was perfect!  The only thing I DID change were the pictures.  When I bought it there were pictures of birds in it!

And finally, I bought my son's baby bedding!!! But don't freak out! I gave it a good thorough washing, and of course the sheet is from Target.  I only bought the bumper pad and the crib skirt:

 But seriously, matched his room Perfect and so my style!

And that's all for now!!! Sorry about the picture overload, but I Love my Thrifts!  And I love to save money, so its such a good way to decorate when on a tight budget!

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