Thrifty Thursday: Ugly Apples

Well I am back from the surprise trip to Disneyland, and am proud to say it was a success!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day!

I have an old rustic ladder on my front porch that I ADORE!  However, I have struggled with trying to decorate it.  I finally decided flowers was the way to go, so I was in search of cute planter boxes.  While at Goodwill I came across this beauty:
I know!  But I thought it was something I could work with!

My mother happened to be with me on this particular occasion and as I put it in my cart she gave me the look of "Are you serious?" (she does this a lot!).  

When I got it home it turned out to be a quick fix!  I just cut the apples off the sides, replaced them with some of my scrap wood, then painted it a creamy color.  It took about 10 minutes total!  I tied some green burlap on it, stuck my fake flowers in it, and then put it on my ladder.  I think it ended up quite nice considering I paid $1.99 for it!

 Go to Goodwill!  It is so fun! 

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