Pallet Signs

You know how I said I would tell you more about the pallet sign in my Laundry Room....well here it is! 
 I got on a huge kick and made a bunch with all the pallets I had lying around.  The one in my laundry room was just one of the many!  

I know I say this a lot, but these are super easy to make!  And honestly, you don't even need pallets!  You can go to Home Depot, pick up some lumber, have THEM cut it to size, and use that!  
If you like the beat up look, this is what you do:  Take a hammer, bang some nails in it, and then bang the wood to beat it up a little bit!  HA, its kinda fun!

After you have your wood (cut to size and number of planks you want), turn them over.
You will also need 2 thin pieces of scrap wood that are long enough to cross your plank wood
Like this:
 Take SHORT screws (less than 1") and drill one into each plank.  Be careful on this part so you don't split your wood

Now you are ready to paint
 I like to go easy on the paint so it looks more rustic

Then I take an Ink Pad and rub it all over the board, focusing on the 
edges and imperfections in the wood

 I used the same method as I did for my pedastal sign to transfer the lettering
Here is my Laundry Room sign:
When I finished the lettering, I took sandpaper and rubbed the lettering to distress it a little. 
 Next I drilled large holes in the top, and hung it with burlap ribbon
This is one I made for my baby's room:

On this one I did the lettering a little different:
First,  I printed the font and size I wanted onto cardstock.  I then cut them out and traced them with a pencil onto my board 
Next I chose my paint color, and filled in the lettering with paint....and I used a Q-Tip! (don't judge!)

Here's one I made for our room:

This is a small one I made for my Mom:


  1. I absolutely LOVE these pallet signs. Great job!!



    1. Thanks so much Denyse! I'm a little obsessed right now!

  2. These are great! I especially like the laundry one...too funny! Hopping over from Terrific Tuesday at Adventures of a DIY Mom. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    1. Thanks Samantha! Yeah I like it, and it makes my kids laugh!

  3. I love these Therena! We have been on a similar kick I can see... I have been on a real pallet making bonanza lately too. I love what you have made... must pin some!!

    1. Haha, thanks Krista! I kinda like to go overboard on stuff! lol

  4. Love all that you do, thank so much for sharing.


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