Thrifty Thursday: Nautical Decor

My boys' bathroom has always had a nautical vibe, so when I spotted these at Goodwill, I grabbed them!  I thought they would look great after a nice paint job!
They cost $3 each

 Here are a few pictures of the bathroom to show a few of its nautical accents:

We recently removed the door in this bathroom that separates the sinks from the shower area, which has been awesome!  It felt so cramped before!  However, the wall that used to be hidden by the door is now visible!
So I removed the pegs from the oar, painted it black with gray stripes, and hung it above the towel rack:

 With the anchor, I painted it solid black, then removed those weird looking stars, and attached shells wrapped in twine to hang on the pegs.  

(I know this picture is horrible, I'm sorry!)


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  1. Ooh, I love it! All of the nautical aspects are so fun to look at and really give a nice feel to the room.

  2. great and stylish decor!I love the way how you caught the shells to anchor-cool!
    Hugs from Greece!

  3. Fabulous accessories, your bathroom looks so pretty. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love how you painted both the pieces and gave them a brand new look.
    BTW I found you through Mod Vintage Life.

  5. Very cute! Love the stripes on the oar, especially. Thanks for sharing at Give Me the Goods!

    Rachel @ Maison de Pax


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